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Swegon Air Academy seminar in Vilnius
April 3, 2012

Swegon Air Academy seminar in Vilnius

March 15, 2012, Lithuania

A keen mix of people met at the Radisson hotel in Vilnius, from architects and engineers to investors and building services installers. The presentations were two case studies, one from Gothenburg and another from Vilnius certainly gave some food for thought to the audience. The case study of Bengt Dahlgren´s headquarters in Gothenburg is an office building of 4,300 m2 with full monitoring system from the demand-controlled ventilation to the solar shading. In fact, the only thing which is not demand-controlled is the huge sign on the outside of the building (as far as I know).

Through discussions during the seminar, a most interesting and strange problem with building energy usage in Lithuania became apparent. It seems that Lithuania has not set any targets for energy usage in new buildings. So exactly how they are going to get to nZEB (a net Zero Energy Building) by 2020 is going to be interesting (most Lithuanians just laugh when asked about it). Nevertheless, the interest in low-energy solutions for good indoor air quality was definitely there.

The second case study was a building in progress, the foundation work is underway and the designers are in discussion with investors; it’s the old discussion of investment cost against pay-back time. The concept of protecting an investor’s money against unduly quick depreciation and the need for refurbishment appears like a misty and un-focus distance thought. (Somebody should write a book about this).

It was a distinct pleasure to meet what is probably the youngest and most well-qualified group of female associate professors from the Vilnius Technical University, three of whom were here today.

Image: Panorama of Vilnius by Swegon Air Academy