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Can high rise buildings be green? How can we measure effectively how green a building is?
June 4, 2012

Can high rise buildings be green? How can we measure effectively how green a building is?

May 10, 2012, Helsinki, Finland

This seminar made history in two ways! One was a high number of participants and the other that the presentations were held in English without any translation into Finnish! Hyvä Suomi, hyvä!

Swegon Air Academy held the seminar “Designing and assessing sustainable Green Buildings; why it makes sense” in Helsinki, Finland, at the same time as the World Championship in ice-hockey fans invaded the city. On the other hand, the later event gave no competition to the seminar which was attended by nearly one hundred competence hungry Finns!

The first presenter was Vince Ugarów, Director at Hilson Moran, who has particular expertise in the design and project management of high-rise commercial office buildings. His presentation focused on the design of tall buildings and how local conditions can influence. Through the presentation Vince demonstrated how the importance of these conditions could result in significant savings in energy consumption in these high profile structures.

The second speaker was Professor Brian Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Architecture from the ECA, Edinburg University. In his presentation, Brian described his current research which is the study and surveying of cases for sustainable design. Brian´s research focused in particular on the impact of BREEAM and LEED certifications on client expectations, practice methods and architectural innovation.

The seminar ended with lunch where our speakers had the chance to follow up interesting discussions with the participants.

Photo by Satu Palmgren