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Another winner of Swegon Air Academy iPAD: Congratulations to Szabolcs! ! !
August 7, 2012

Another winner of Swegon Air Academy iPAD: Congratulations to Szabolcs! ! !

Swegon Air Academy hands over the iPAD2 to the second winner Szabolcs drawn from our lottery of registered members of our network! Congratulations to Szabolcs the second Swegon Air Academy iPAD winner!  The Swegon Air Academy was launched in May and since than more than 300 people have registered to become members of the Swegon Air Academy network.

Here is the interview with Szabolcs.

Hello Szabolcs, please tell us more about yourself and in what business do you work in?

I completed my Masters of Science in Engineering in June. I have been working as a HVAC engineer for the past two years. Currently I am a project engineer at an engineering and contractor company.

How did you get to know about the Swegon Air Academy? And what inspired you to become a member of Swegon Air Academy?

It is an interesting thing. Sure, I have already heard about Swegon like the brand. One day I was just surfing the web when I saw the sign “Swegon Air Academy”. I was interested, what could it be!

Have you ever attended any seminars or read any of our books?

Well, not yet but I am keen to do so.  I hope there will be seminars in my region soon.

What do you think about Swegon Air Academy and our ambition to spread the word on good indoor environment in buildings?

This is a good idea. I hope that this result will be shared in my country, as well and the customers and investors will require a good indoor environment within buildings.

What do you value the most on our new website www.swegonairacademy.com? Do you find the content of the website useful? Do you have any favorites?

Yes, it is useful. Usually I check the “Technical article and report” https://www.swegonairacademy.com/download/reports-and-theses/

Do you have any thoughts on what else you would like to get as benefits from the Swegon Air Academy membership in the future? What kind of benefits or increased value would you like to see in the future?

I hope I get to know the foreign colleagues and in my country my profession will be more valuable.

In your profession line, do you think there enough attention paid to the energy savings, indoor air climate and ventilation systems? Do you see any trend in the focusing on the building renovation and newly built buildings?

The answer is not easy. Nowadays the building industry is on a decrease, especially in Hungary. Every investor requires perfect execution and energy saving system but they don’t want to spend money on it. So unfortunately in Hungary the investors choose cheaper systems, they are not interested on the optimized and energy saving system.

Do you see any new trends in your home market at the moment and what so you think will be the key challenge for your profession in the future?

No, not really, I think the most important things that we have to be more than engineers, we have to take into consideration the economic situations and we have to find the common denominator with the investors and to solve the problems mutually.

Congratulation again to you! Your new iPAD2 is on the way to you.

Photo by Szabolcs.