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Napoleons’ Domaine hosted the French Swegon Air Academy seminar “Added-value to commercial buildings” on 28th of September
October 5, 2012

Napoleons’ Domaine hosted the French Swegon Air Academy seminar “Added-value to commercial buildings” on 28th of September

The French SAA seminar was held at the “Domaine Napoleon”, a historical building in Seclin, Lille, France. It was here where Napoleon’s 85th line infantry regiment and his artillery set camp on 9-10th October in year 1813 on their way to the “Battle of the Nations” which took the place 16-19th of October in Leipzig Germany. Today the venue hosts congresses, conventions and seminars but also has a museum displaying weapons, manuscripts, personal letters and notes in honor of the Emperor Napoleon.

I had heard that it is almost always raining in Lille. Nothing could have been more untrue this Friday morning.  The sun was shining leaving the trees in the park of Domaine Napoleon in a yellow, green and golden-brown shimmer. The temperature was very nice, towards 20 degrees Celsius.  It was simply a beautiful autumn day, perfect for sharing knowledge and experiences, one of the key tasks for Swegon Air Academy.

The main title for this seminar was “Added-Value for Commercial Buildings” and was visited by 22 carefully chosen participants.

The first speaker was Frank Hovorka who talked about the impacts of the components on the value of a property. The energy performance of components in buildings decreased from 130-250 kWhep/(m2.a) in 2005 to 40-65 kWhep/(m2.a) in 2012. Frank connected energy performance of buildings with indoor air quality requirements and economical aspects.

Frank’s presentation had clear examples and he stated: “With methods like continuous commissioning we get our shells closely around the actual demand. With the human in the loop we send the energy only to those spots for optimal comfort and minimal energy.”

Our second speaker, Suzanne Deoux looked at the topic from a health angle and listed several important factors which need to be balanced carefully. In example: indoor air quality, natural and artificial lighting, acoustics, quality of home and spaces, water and air quality, and electromagnetism.  She also presented some of her results from the measurements of ground-loop heat exchanger which included indoor air quality, humidity and radon contamination.

The audience was really interactive and had good questions followed up with discussion in regard to the topics. Then once again a successful seminar came to an end but the next French seminar will be held in Bordeaux on the 23rd November. So check our Seminar Schedule!

Photo by Satu Palmgren