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Two rounds for Swegon Air Academy in Poland – Part 2: Personal evaluation from the prettier half of the world´s population!
October 16, 2012

Two rounds for Swegon Air Academy in Poland – Part 2: Personal evaluation from the prettier half of the world´s population!

Swegon Air Academy has had a very busy autumn so far. This time our schedule took us to Poland and to the first two seminars out of four during October month. Swegon Air Academy has had the pleasure to have two of our favorite speakers, one from France and one from the UK, and their presentations were interpreted to Polish.

The very first city was the capital Warsaw where the seminar was held at the Marriott Hotel in the city center on the 5th of October. All though the day was sunny and quite warm for the season nearly 60 persons participated to seminar titled “Protecting your investments in buildings; focus on the whole building performance” with many investors in the audience. More than one third of the participants were female which is very significant for Poland compared to other markets with barely any female participants!

First one out in Warsaw was Jean Carassus with the title: “Sustainable real estate: Obsolescence and profitability”. Our second speaker was Ian Knight who presented the international project iSERV with title of the presentation: “Benchmarking HVAC system energy performance – The European iSERV project”. There were lots of questions from the audience and many people mingled during lunch changing experiences and thoughts.

One of the attendees gave good feedback on Ian´s presentation as a great example of energy effective solutions for buildings, for example demand-controlled ventilation (DCV). And a representative from the Oplole University actually promised to join the project and get the HVAC systems in one of the new university buildings to be monitored.

After this intense, but a very successful day, it was time to change city and venue to Wroclaw in west part of Poland near the Czech Republic border. This time we held the seminar at Radisson Blu with the same speakers and the same concept. Also here there were nearly 60 participants and lots of females. This seminar got even more questions from the audience and our speakers were really happy with interaction.

And here is one comment from our female participant: „I have participated in SAA in Wroclaw (WrocLOVE :). Wroclaw is really interesting city for investors. It has developed dynamically, there is wonderful architecture both old and new. The guests, being mainly investors which are always busy and hard to entertain, were really interested in the subjects of the seminar. The lectures were comprehensible and showed us new European ways for the future. Even though that the subject matters were laborious and wearisome, there was a good vivid atmosphere.”

After two successful seminar days it was time so say farewell to Poland, at least for now. It’s only a short break because already on the 16th and 17th of October the Swegon Air Academy returns for additional 2 seminars. This time in Poznan and Krakow, with a slight change in speakers for even wider information spread!

Picture by Ian Knight.