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New approach to health, energy and legislation in Swegon Air Academy seminars in Sweden!
November 28, 2012

New approach to health, energy and legislation in Swegon Air Academy seminars in Sweden!

Swegon Air Academy seminars in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, had an unusual concept focusing on connection between what is happening in current multi-residential buildings and what aspects need to be considered including energy legislation requirements, health issues and potential energy savings. The seminars were held as presentations and debate with the audiences! And here are some comments from our participants!

Participants were really happy with the topic and expert choices. In some cases, there would be a good idea to involve the political representation and also that everything always ends up with the money-talk. “Great topic, yet it was difficult to find time to highlight everything but perhaps there would be an option to include the opinions of a person from authorities / politicians who can provide info from that angle.”

The topic was a great and presented in a general perspective and giving the audience great information from the expert´s world. Thus, there were presented problems and solutions with different suggestions on what is right and what is inadequate in some cases.

Some of the participants were engineers and from their perspective they also need some more technology solutions. Also the topic of the total costs (for construction, electrical, vent including controls and regulations, etc.) and energy savings per year is important to get to know in the renovation of multi-residential houses. “For us, HVAC consultants, it is important to have examples of some different optimized technical total solutions in the FTX installations in apartment buildings as part of the Million Programme (those built in 1950ties, 1960ties and 1970ties).”

It is also very important to solve the current problems with poorly functioning hoods in apartments´ kitchens in connection with the building of ventilation systems. Probably the best solution is installing efficient exhaust fan in the kitchen with its own separate channel out above roof. A major advantage of this is that FTX units with higher thermal efficiency can be selected (e.g. FTX units with rotary heat exchanger) and this solution can avoid getting grease and cooking odours in the FTX system.

The concept of the actual involvement of the audience mixed with external perspective was highly appreciated by the audience. The important participation from the property owner / client would be also of interest. “The main question of the day was how to renovate profitable with low risk and how to satisfy the customers? Unfortunately, 30 years payback time is not very appealing from the inhabitants / owner´s point of view.”

The target 2020 also deals with energy efficiency improvements and they are of great interest in Sweden and thus the topic of the seminars was considered to be just appropriate and highly relevant in the current situation. Some questions were raised also about relocation of inhabitants during the renovation process which seems to be very costly. In real world, lots of information is missing especially on tenants, landlords, worked in practice, economic figures versus actual savings and so on.

Let’s end this article with the following comment: “Thanks for a very nice seminar!”