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Swegon Air Academy hands over the last iPAD2 to the third winner Sven drawn from our lottery of registered members of our network!
December 11, 2012

Swegon Air Academy hands over the last iPAD2 to the third winner Sven drawn from our lottery of registered members of our network!

Congratulations to Sven the third Swegon Air Academy iPAD winner!  The Swegon Air Academy was launched in May 2012 and since then more than 500 people have registered to become members of the Swegon Air Academy network.

Here is the interview with Sven.

Hello Sven, please tell us more about yourself and in what business do you work?

I would like to stress my work in IEA on demand controlled ventilation systems. You can find a short description in my website www.ramasteknikab.com.

How did you get to know about the Swegon Air Academy?

Probably because I read a lot of information about my own business area: Energy, economy and ecology.  I have also (long ago) been the chairman of VVS-tekniska föreningen.

And what inspired you to become a member of Swegon Air Academy?

I have done some work for Locum on air treatment and heat recovery as well as efficiency of heat exchanger systems in hospitals. I have also been engaged in the test report ()made by Locum) on accuracy of data for air terminal devices.

Have you ever attended any seminars or read any of our books?

Yes, but it is some time ago.

What do you think about Swegon Air Academy and our ambition to spread the word on good indoor environment in buildings?

It is interesting to see the list of your publications. I am sorry to say, however, that my bookshelves are full and my purse is not.

What do you value the most on our new website www.swegonairacademy.com? Do you find the content of the website useful? Do you have any favourites?

Many of them are. I have found that one of my old friends, Sonny Myretel,has been active in your information. I was his advisor during his work at KTH on operation and maintenance of installations in buildings.

Do you have any thoughts on what else you would like to get as benefits from the Swegon Air Academy membership in the future? What kind of benefits or increased value would you like to see in the future?

Willingly more of theories, including calculations on energy transmission in building constructions.

In your profession line, do you think there is enough attention paid to energy savings, indoor air climate and ventilation systems? Do you see any trend in the focusing on the building renovation and newly built buildings?

I look forward to seeing more of present value calculation in stead of pay back time, as that model is unsuitable for long term investment, which is always actual for buildings.

Do you see any new trends in your home market at the moment. And what do you think will be the key challenge for your profession in the future?

Even if your interest might be in the field of ventilation I propose that more work be done in designing pressure balanced heating systems in buildings in a way that most of installed valves are eliminated. I have produced information in that area together with Henry Willman, a very talented VVS-engineer, soon coming up to 90 years of age.

What do you think about the current situation in buildings – health and energy wise?

More of knowledge in operation and maintenance is needed. In most cases health is not the foremost problem in buildings. Problems come from too little physical exercise and too much eating IVL has wrongly misinformed on CO2 level in buildings as being coupled to outdoor air content of CO2. If you use CO2 as an indicator of indoor air quality, you should evaluate only the increase of CO2. Besides, 1000 ppm is not an upper level. It depends on “smell level” resulting from  the persons in the room.

What do you think about the current legislation on buildings?

Sometimes our authorities seem to be too far away from practice.

What do you think about the energy monitoring in buildings?

We have been working hard with energy monitoring in hospitals, a necessity in order to keep operating costs down.  Individual metering of energy use in flats cannot be done at a reasonable cost. Domestic hot water can.

Do you have any thoughts on HVAC systems and components? Would you like to share any good examples from your practice related to the systems in buildings?

Do not use the faulty American term VAV. It is a question of variable flow rate, in Swedish variabelt flöde. Did I mention that I have been active in producing  suitable, mostly probably also correct  terms, in a work in TNC?

Congratulation again to you! Hope that you enjoy your new iPAD2.

Many thanks!