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Swegon Air Academy in 2012 –  Part 1: Swegon Air Academy website in numbers!
February 14, 2013

Swegon Air Academy in 2012 – Part 1: Swegon Air Academy website in numbers!

Swegon Air Academy continues to develop and evolve to reflect the never-ending needs for sharing the knowledge and experience for everyone and anyone interested in buildings, ventilation, energy and health. This article describes the popularity of our website in numbers.

At the beginning of year 2012 we have successfully launched our new website. Our new website offers articles on the latest seminars including important news on interesting issues and practical real-life case studies. We also give essential updates on legislations. Our website also contains the list of our lecturers and the presentations from our seminars are available for free for download. In our bookstore we offer our books on ventilation and IAQ issues along with books from other publishers such as Svensk Ventilation and REHVA Guidebooks.

Since we have launched our new website until end of year 2012, we have over 8,300 visits to our website and our pages were viewed more than 25,000 times. People from more than 96 countries in world have visited our website and majority is from Sweden, followed with Poland, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Finland, Germany, Norway, United States and Turkey. The cities where the most activity comes from are Gothenburg, Stockholm, Kvanum, Helsinki, Oslo, Istanbul, Warsaw, Tallinn, London and Paris.

One of the most visited webpages  is “Downloads”, where you can download presentations from our Lecturers, and followed with “Lecturers” and “Upcoming Seminars”. People also search what are we and what is required to become a member of Swegon Air Academy.

One of the most read news is “Simply design is the way to go!” about Vince Ugarow and his presentation on high-rise building. And the second most read news is “Are you interested in the energy efficiency of your building, i.e. how energy efficient are you?” about the project iSERVcmb with continuous online monitoring of HVAC components.

This all means that what Swegon Air Academy does is very important and people are paying attentions to the important message that we convey. So please do visit website again if you are looking for a neutral information on ventilation, indoor air quality and energy issues.