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March 19, 2013

Most of Europe’s buildings are already here and most of them can benefit from demand-controlled mechanical systems which are designed with energy recovery

The EU commissions working group for Ecodesign has published its pre-study for Lot 6: Air conditioning and ventilation systems. The executive summary gives some less well-known figures about ventilation energy usage in the EU. Ventilation systems account for 2% of the EU electricity usage and they have the potential to reduce by 10% of the primary energy needed to heat and cool a building in comparison with naturally ventilated buildings.

Half of the potential forecasted savings of 100 TWh by 2025 in air conditioning and ventilation systems come from Lot 11 and the requirements on fans. It has been suggested that the new standards from Lot 6 be implemented from 2015, the same time as Lot 11. The vision is that electrical usage will increase by 10% with an expected doubling of ventilation systems across the EU.

A total thought through and air conditioning and ventilation system gives a large potential to save on primary energy usage especially with heating. Approximately 60% of the existing EU building stock can lower its primary energy needs by using mechanical ventilation systems and if technology which gives the Least Life Cycle cost  (LLCC) through for example, EC motors (brushless DC), variable speed drives, direct drives, heat exchangers, low pressure drop filters making sure all components assist in lowest possible system pressure drop.

If the LLCC approach is used from 2010 – 2025 then these ventilation systems will reduce the EU’s space heating bill by 1,194 TWh of primary energy. Over the same period the installed capacity of mechanical ventilation systems is expected to double, but the consumed electrical energy could increase by only 10% from 59 to 63 TWh.

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Ecodesign website Pre-study report August 2012