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Swegon Air Academy in Saint Petersburg – Part 2: What is ENCON in residential buildings in Slovakia?
April 2, 2013

Swegon Air Academy in Saint Petersburg – Part 2: What is ENCON in residential buildings in Slovakia?

On February 28 in Saint Petersburg, Dusan Petras presented the research on renovation of residential buildings in Slovakia with focus on energy savings in concrete apartment buildings including possibilities of ventilation in these houses. The renovation of multi-residential buildings in Slovakia focuses on preservation of energy and improvement of hygienic requirements in order to create good environmental conditions in house.

Dusan started his presentation explaining the situation with energy regulations in Slovakia. Currently used is the EPBD standard dealing with cost effective measures for new and existing buildings along with another new 50 European standards. In 2008, the new certification schemes for buildings was developed using energy auditing and certificates with A-F schemes. This system prepares “certificate” and identify “cost effective measures” leading to energy-efficient buildings. The factors included are overall energy performance requirements and specific requirements (energy used in buildings such as heating, ventilation DHW, cooling and lighting; versus energy needed in the building based on characteristics of a building and technical building systems).

Energy certificate (i.e. energy class) is based on calculation on how much energy we would need and it is also possible to make the calculation of measurement of real energy used in building, i.e. calculated and measured energy rating. All parameters for certification are standardized with equal conditions and requirements are calculated based on standards.

In Slovakia, the focus is on decreasing energy consumption for ventilation, lighting and heating, DHW, using energy-efficient measures but the quality of indoor environment has to always have a high priority. The influencing factors for energy conservation potential are building envelope, HVAC system, electrical system, and operation/user patterns. The ENergy CONservation (ENCON) measures are saving energy with an economic and environmental profit. The ENCON focuses on the following objectives: to evaluate energy consumption potential, implementation in order to achieve profitable energy savings, and to document achievement of calculated energy saving potential, and thus keeping indoor climate and energy savings permanently at the right level by using ecological monitoring of buildings.