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Interview with the first winner of Simply GREEN!
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July 24, 2013

Interview with the first winner of Simply GREEN!

A new year and a new lottery for seven lucky ones! Swegon Air Academy gives out our newest book “Simply GREEN – A quick guide to energy and environmental assessment certifications of buildings”. From almost 700 of the Swegon Air Academy members we have drawn out seven winners who will receive the book!

Congratulations to Martin the first Swegon Air Academy winner of Simply GREEN!  The Swegon Air Academy was launched in May 2012 and since then more than 700 people have registered to become members of the Swegon Air Academy network.

Hello Martin, please tell us more about yourself and in what business do you work?

Hi, I’m Martin Blom. 42 years old, and working at Beekink Installatieadviseurs. A consulting bureau for all types of installations in buildings. We’re a small company (8 persons) located in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Nederland. I’m working as an electrical engineer. More info on our company: www.beekink.com

How did you get to know about the Swegon Air Academy? And what inspired you to become a member of Swegon Air Academy?

I was working on a BIM project (a new school), and finding a way to get a Swegon air handling unit into my Revit project. I think it was via the Swegon Revit selection tool that I got to the Air Academy website. I became a member, to gain some (more) knowledge on indoor environment. For me, as an electrical engineer, this is an easy way to gather information. Read interesting articles were and whenever I want.

What do you think about Swegon Air Academy and our ambition to spread the word on good indoor environment in buildings?

It’s a great ambition, and it’s what we do as a company ourselves!

What do you value the most on our new website www.swegonairacademy.com? Do you find the content of the website useful? Do you have any favorites?

I practically like the download part, to read the presentations. The site is easy accessible and easy to navigate.

In your profession line, do you think there enough attention paid to the energy savings, indoor air climate and ventilation systems? Do you see any trend in the focusing on the building renovation and newly built buildings?

The attention on energy saving and indoor environment is rapidly growing. People getting more and more conscious of energywaste and the negative effects of bad indoor climates on people. And yes, there is a focus on renovation of buildings as there’s less and less new buildings being build.

Do you see any new trends in your home market at the moment and what so you think will be the key challenge for your profession in the future?

The trends in our market are focusing on energy savings, the exploitation costs on buildings, and reducing the “total cost of ownership” on buildings.

What do you think about the current situation in buildings – health and energy wise? What do you think about the current legislation on buildings? What do you think about the energy monitoring in buildings?

There’s a lot of work to do on existing buildings, health and energy wise. Energy monitoring is a nice tool to realize energy savings and getting people conscious of energy waste.

Why do you think we should certify our buildings?

A certificate can help in decisions witch has to be made in buying, selling or renting buildings. It also can help you in calculation/predicting the exploitation costs over longer periods.

What challenges do you see with certification systems in your country? And which certification scheme(s) do you think offers the best potential?

A hard part on certification systems is the influence of the users, and the maintenance of the building and installations. Not sure witch certification scheme has the best potential.

As an end-user of a building what benefits/negatives do you see in implementation of certification systems in the national legislation?

Benefits in national legislation would/should be that there’s just one standard in certification, instead of several certifications. All clear for everyone. But why national? Maybe European legislation would be better?

Congratulation again to you! Enjoy reading the Simply GREEN book.

Thank you.