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Interview with the second winner of Simply GREEN!
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August 9, 2013

Interview with the second winner of Simply GREEN!

A new year and a new lottery for seven lucky ones! Swegon Air Academy gives out our newest book “Simply GREEN – A quick guide to energy and environmental assessment certifications of buildings”. From almost 700 of the Swegon Air Academy members we have drawn out seven winners who will receive the book!

Congratulations to Aavo from Estonia as the first Swegon Air Academy winner of Simply GREEN!  The Swegon Air Academy was launched in May 2012 and since then more than 700 people have registered to become members of the Swegon Air Academy network.

Hello Aavo, please tell us more about yourself and in what business do you work?

I´m working at the construction industry as a construction project manager in Estonia.

How did you get to know about the Swegon Air Academy? And what inspired you to become a member of Swegon Air Academy?

I was introduced to Swegon Air Academy seminar announcement sent to me via Estonian Construction Engineers Association.

Have you ever attended any seminars or read any of our books?

I have attended Swegon Air Academy seminars for several times and I find them to be very informative and educational.

What do you think about the current situation in buildings – health and energy wise? What do you think about the current legislation on buildings? What do you think about the energy monitoring in buildings?

As energy prices are rapidly raising it is very important to focus on finding new and innovative solutions for saving energy including changing habits of using the buildings.

Why do you think we should certify our buildings?

In order to be able to compare buildings energy consumption.

What challenges do you see with certification systems in your country? And which certification scheme(s) do you think offers the best potential?

The local system leaves plenty of room for interpretations which leads to unreliability of the system. I think LEEDs is the good system.

Congratulation again to you! Enjoy reading the Simply GREEN book.