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German seminars – a success according to the feedback!
October 1, 2013

German seminars – a success according to the feedback!

Why reinvent the wheel, if you have a good concept going? This was one of the key factors why the Swegon Air Academy seminar in Berlin was yet again held at the “Nordische Botschaften”. Or as it’s called in English the Nordic Embassies which hosts countries of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and, of course, Swegon Air Academy native country – Sweden.

Total of 48 participants, many of them architects, came to learn more about the topic “Can we build the buildings of the future without mechanical ventilation” at this afternoon seminar. There were three speakers talking about this topic from different angels.

The first speaker was Burkhard Schultze Darup and he talked about available energy saving technologies which can reduce energy consumption of houses for about 80%. Combination with the new photovoltaic technologies will let the house produce energy for a personal transport. Climate-neutrality can be reached until 2050 when renovations use most efficient technologies. Ventilation with heat recovery is a key technology. Firstly because of all benefits from heat recovery, and secondly due to the fact that new or renovated buildings are airtight and need ventilation system.

Bernd Schwarzfeld was the second speaker of the day talking about how to get energy-efficient buildings. There must be a clear responsibility for the energy concept in the planning process. Ventilation systems are mostly planned with too much air volume and are too expensive and need too much energy. High-efficient buildings have an annual surplus of energy that can be for example stored in ice storage for winter heating. Depending on internal heat sources heat recovery can in some cases be unnecessary.

Last but not least we heard Hans-Jürgen Westfeld speaking about ventilation in buildings. When the heat balance of a building is changed then also the moisture balance is changed. The renovated but also new buildings with no ventilation have problems with air quality and moisture. This will cause liability problems for consultants and building companies as a building cannot be used as planned. Using ventilation systems with heat recovery will make building project more profitable for investors and builders due to the higher subsidies.

In between the presentations, the participants mingled and swopped experiences with each other, just like the forum intends. The seminar ended with a Scandinavian influenced dinner serving different salmon, small potatoes and a dessert with typical Scandinavian specialty – cloud berries. After dinner, the whole SAA-troop got into a minibus which took us the next seminar city – Leipzig, located 2 hours from Berlin.

After a good night’s rest and a fantastic breakfast, it was time for the seminar number two held at the Radisson Blu. This seminar had the exact same concept and was visited by 20 knowledge-hungry participants. Here there were even more questions and at the coffee break the participants had some really interesting discussions. Also here the seminar ended with a tasteful buffet dinner with lots of mingling amongst participants.

We got so much positive feedback that we have already started planning the seminars for Germany in May 2014.  When and where exactly? Keep your eyes on our event calendar for upcoming information. Hope to see you there!