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Join the environmental classification jungle!
Simply GREEN & GRÖNT Helt Enkelt
October 7, 2013

Join the environmental classification jungle!

The EMTF (Energi och Miljö Tekniska Föreningen, www.emtf.se) is preparing an interesting day for anyone interested in battling through the jungle of environmental classification systems. Join the seminar from 9:00-17:00 on November 13, 2013, at the Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholm. And listen to the presentations and join the discussions on which environmental classification systems exist and what are they based on, in reality how the environmental classification systems works and what the effect they have on indoor air environment in buildings, and join the vote on for or against the environmental classification systems!

“Welcome to an inspiring day in the environmental classification jungle! Do you have an answer to the question of environmental classifications makes any difference? EMTF takes you on a journey through a tangled jungle of environmental classification system. You will face the panel of experts, take part of the experience of others, network and space for your own thoughts and ideas. EMTF highlights and reinforces systems thinking within the building services industry, encourage conversation between all stakeholders in the construction industry, strengthens the participants in their professional capacity and stimulates knowledge development and recruitment.”

The event is in Swedish.

Read more at www.emtfriksdag.se.