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Many participants at the Swegon Air Academy seminar in Mikkeli, Finland!
October 29, 2013

Many participants at the Swegon Air Academy seminar in Mikkeli, Finland!

In the middle of the colorful and beautiful autumn, Swegon Air Academy held the seminar on “Energy efficiency in European legislation and how to adapt cooling in our northern buildings” in Mikkeli, or St: Michels as it is named in English. Mikkeli lies at the heart of the beautiful Finnish lake district in South-Savo region approximately 230 kilometers north-east from Helsinki.

The seminar was held at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences hosting 4,500 students and 200 full-time lectures and offering Degree programs on both Bachelor´s and Master´s levels. The 164 participants at the seminar was mix of consultants and installers with a majority of students.

The first presentation of the day was held by Olli Seppänen talking about the European Union’s energy policy based on the implementation of the Directives, the European Union and the Commission preparing the European Parliament and the member states of the European Council, formed by the officials. Directives define the main lines, and usually only targets, but not on how to achieve the objectives of each member state. Consequently there is no direct control, and they are not to be implemented without changes to national legislation.

The second presentation of the day was held by Per Jonasson from Sweden. His presentation was in English opening up the possibility also for the 2nd year students from Russia to listen in on the presentation “Cooling and heating in cold climate – options, considerations and obstacles”. The topic was focusing on creating cooling in cold climate could at a first glance look quite easy. But in order to secure quality of supply as well as high efficiency and environmental friendliness, several considerations have to be made: required product quality, seasonal storage of heat and cool, reliable technical solutions and combined heating and cooling systems.

There were lots of questions and the eager to learn more was very apparent. In between presentations both speakers was approached by people from the audience and this is for us a receipt that the concept of “sharing experiences and knowledge” is working as intended.

After the presentations we had a joint lunch with continuous discussions before it was time to say – Kiitos ja näkemiin (thank you and see you soon again)!