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iSERVcmb project achieved its goal and continues on!
February 18, 2014

iSERVcmb project achieved its goal and continues on!

Inspection of HVAC Systems through countinous monitoring and benchmarking (iSERVcmb) is about showing the practical operation and benefits of an automatic monitoring and feedback system, as now allowed for in the recast EPBD, applied to Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems in EU Member States (MS).

It is an important project as previous work has indicated real savings of up to 60% are achievable in individual HVAC systems through the iSERVcmb project approach. The project is now recruiting 1,600 operating HVAC systems from around Europe. It has the support of two main professional bodies for HVAC systems in Europe – CIBSE and REHVA – and eight universities across of Europe, as well as input and interest from HVAC component manufacturers and property developers.

Benefits for participating building owners and managers

  • timely information on unexpected changes in energy consumption,
  • bespoke energy consumption benchmarks for individual HVAC systems derived from the activities served
  • and “real” data from real systems that makes the information easy to understand by all stakeholders, and provides confidence that the performance benchmarks are achievable.


Benefits of allowing this approach for EU Member States

  • improvement of the efficiency of the energy inspection process,
  • achievement of lasting and cost effective improvements in HVAC system energy efficiency,
  • and rapid identification of good and best practice in HVAC energy use without favoring any technology or approach.


Benefits for participating equipment manufacturers

  • independent verification of HVAC component energy performance in practice,
  • marketing opportunity at a European scale
  • and opportunity to add value to HVAC products.


And as for now, the iSERVcmb project has acquired 247 buildings have provided us with verified data. Inside the iSERVcmb database we now have 1,787 HVAC systems, 5,501 HVAC components, 1,580 Meters, 7,645 Spaces, 72 Activities and 1,229,162 m2 of floor area.

Even though the project has already achieved its goal of 1,600 HVAC systems, the decision was made to continue and include more buildings & systems in the project! Visit the website www.iservcmb.info for more information on how to join project!