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First SAA webinar was a success!
June 16, 2014

First SAA webinar was a success!

Swegon Air Academy opens a new way of sharing the knowledge by using a webinar format (webinarium or webb-seminarium in Swedish). And this very webinar had its own twist where people could either watch webinar online on PC from their homes or they could come and watch it personally in Stockholm. Also during transmission of this webinar the participants could send questions which were answered by David P. Wyon at the end of transmission. 

Swegon Air Academy in association with SWEDVACThe Swedish Society of HVAC Engineers (Energi-och Miljotekniska ForeningenEMTF) organized first webinar on topic of Air quality and performance are interlinked – a study of the working environment in schools on 27th of May 2014 with David P. Wyon. Two sessions of this webinar were streamed online, one session in morning in English and another session in the afternoon in Swedish language.

Professor David P. Wyon presented excellent results from his life´s work on the indoor air quality and comfort conditions in schools and their large impact on children´s performance. For example:

  • raising classroom temperature from 20°C to 30°C reduced most types of schoolwork performance by 30%; this means that temperature difference of +10°C would lead to 35% less schoolwork
  • doubling of the ventilation rate can increase the performance by 14.5%, if the air supply rate would be increased from 2.5-5 l/s to 10 l/s the performance of schoolwork would increase by 20%
  • CO2 levels in classrooms are often above 1,000 ppm and this poor air quality is a major disadvantage for children, and especially for slow workers
  • most of classrooms in Swedish schools with natural ventilation 47% would have the CO2 above 1,000 ppm
  • replacing supply air filters had no effect on performance of children, but increasing the outdoor air supply rate did have an effect, so pollutants must originate indoors
  • window opening by pupils and teachers in schools was triggered by warmth but NOT by poor air quality

At the day of broadcasting, the Swedish webinar had 198 live viewers with majority from Sweden (92%) and the rest from Norway, Denmark and Finland. The English webinar at the day of broadcasting had 43 live viewers mainly from Sweden and Finland. Afterwards, both webinar were uploaded in YouTube and have been viewed by more than 100 viewers so far.

YouTube video in English (link)

YouTube video in Swedish (link)

David P. Wyon´s presentation in PDF (link).