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AIR Swegon Air Academy as a reference literature!
News • Swegon Air Academy Book
June 20, 2014

AIR Swegon Air Academy as a reference literature!

First book by Swegon Air Academy is called AIR and today it is 6 years since this heavy-knowledge book was published. And this book is used often as reference.

The AIR Swegon Air Academy book was quoted in Duct System Air Leakage – How Scandinavia tackled the problem by Peter G. Schild and Jorma Railio and published for ASIEPI project in 2009. The reference was made in the chapter “The evolution of duct airtightness in the last 50 years”

Text from “The evolution of duct airtightness in the last 50 years”: “The problem of leakage was first identified in the 1950s, when mainly rectangular, prepared on site, and little attention was given to airtightness, balancing, or energy performance. This decade also saw the world’s first Spiro Tubeformer, a machine for making revolutionary spiral ductwork. In 1966 the seminal AMA defined two airtightness ‘norms’ A and B, to be spot-checked by the contractor. The 1970s and 80s saw growing use of round ductwork, and further breakthroughs in product quality, such as rubber gaskets which replaced putty and tape that had been used before. Airtightness Class C was introduced in the 1983 revision of AMA; later Class D was added in 1998. In the early 2000s CEN standards on airtightness were published, based largely on Nordic experiences. RECOMMENDATIONS: The 3 ingredients for success: The Scandinavian experience has shown that there are 3 basic steps in a market transformation to more airtight duct systems: (i) awareness, (ii) requirements, and (iii) compliance testing. Obviously, if quality is not demanded, there are no penalties or incentives, and no checks made, quality will not be provided.”

In the doctoral thesis on Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency in Higher Schools published at the Universidad de Salamanca in 2011, Maria João Dias has on many occasions referenced to the AIR Swegon Air Academy.

Also AIR Swegon Air Academy (or LUFT Swegon Air Academy in Swedish) is used as education material for courses at the schools.