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July 3, 2014

David P. Wyon´s webinar draws attention!

Webinar on the topic of the effect of indoor air quality on performance of children in schools by David P. Wyon caught the attention of the Czech webportal. Read the article TZB-info.cz about DPW.

TZB-info (www.tzb-info.cz) is an Internet resource specialising in information on construction, energy savings, and the related fields collectively referred to as mechanical and electrical systems usually known as building services (in Czech abbreviated as TZB). Its primary focus lies within the construction of buildings and energy issues related thereto. Whether you’re looking for heating, electricity, heat loss reduction or building efficiency, the portal offers up-to-date information on the developments in those fields every day. The information presented by TZB-info is carefully selected and edited, serving a diverse audience of professionals ranging from designers to installers but also the general public. TZB-info records 500,000 visits every month. Source: http://www.tzb-info.cz/english-section