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Conference paper about reference case study!
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July 22, 2014

Conference paper about reference case study!

In Sweden, mostly due to the financial reasons the majority of commercial buildings still have a constant air volume (CAV) system compared to demand controlled ventilation (DCV) system, although the latter system allows a better control of indoor environmental quality and energy usage. The hypothesis in this paper lies in investigation of indoor climate conditions of an office-retail building (Figure 1) with CAV based on real measurements and in applying the results to improve the conditions in this office-retail building. This paper aims to show that monitoring and proper data evaluation are important parts of achieving of a good performing and optimised building.

The authors of the paper are Petra Vladykova and Francesco Errico.

Download the conference paper here:

HA1421 Practical Investigation of IEQ Measurements in an Office-retail Building – paper final2