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Norwegian Opera and Ballet House in Oslo: Part 2 – Highly advanced technical systems!
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August 19, 2014

Norwegian Opera and Ballet House in Oslo: Part 2 – Highly advanced technical systems!

In the first part of the article you could read about amazing features of the Opera and Ballet House in Oslo and in this article you can read some bits about the technical equipment and highly thought through systems in this unique building.

Energy focus was put on selecting energy-efficient demand controlled ventilation provided by 30 ventilation units with low specific fan power (SPF) and humidity control, and control lighting system. In addition, the duct systems have very low pressure drop and thus low energy use, and the air has to be supplied/extracted through air diffusers with low noise level and short through length while having high induction in order to sustain highly sensitive environment without draft. The energy supply is provided by district heating. The most visible part of the energy system is the solar cells at the south facades.

The Opera house has a high maximum ventilation rate due to the extreme variation in loads caused by usage of a building from early morning till very late night. There are 16 thermal zones for indoor comfort to maintain comfortable temperature for various people´s activity levels as well as maintaining high humidity level due to the musical instruments and wood used for interior furbishing. For example the main stage has three climate zones: one with high humidity for people playing instruments in an orchestra pit, a zone with highly temperate system for dancers on the stage and for audience there is displacement ventilation located under seats with low airflow as not to create draught around people´s foots.

Source: Demonstration and dissemination of ECO-concepts for high-performing European cultural building by European Commission, 2004

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  1. Andy Padwal says:

    Hi Petra,

    great article on this unique HVAC system for Oslo Opera House. Keep posting articles.