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Book about development of multi-residential buildings in Sweden in 1880-2000!
September 2, 2014

Book about development of multi-residential buildings in Sweden in 1880-2000!

Are you interested in multi-residential buildings? Would you like to get more information on the type of your building that you live in now? Do you want more technical information about the structure of your building?

If the answer is yes than you should get the book Så byggdes husen 1880-2000 from Cecilia Bjork, Per Kallstenius and Laila Reppen. The book is in Swedish language but the images speak itself in an international manner.

The book describes the architecture, construction principles and materials in multi-residential buildings and their development in the past 120 years. Among others it describes the wooden houses, town houses made of stone and tower houses made of concrete. You can find detailed images and description of various building´s facades, construction details with cross-sectional drawings and floor plan drawings, including description of building materials and multiple photos of buildings for each period from all over Sweden.

This book offers a great overview of multi-residential buildings from the last century and some types of the buildings can be also seen in other European cities.