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World Spirometry Day and Breath Clean Air!
September 4, 2014

World Spirometry Day and Breath Clean Air!

Healthy Lungs for Life is one of the largest ever lung health campaigns, raising awareness of the importance of healthy lungs to healthcare professionals, scientists, primary care, patients, policy makers and the public through a full range of events, projects and promotional activities. In 2014, the theme is “Breathe clean air”.

Svensk Ventilation will help to rise awarness by organizing an event on October 2-3at 8.00- 20:00 at the Central Station in Stockholm where 100,000 people daily passing. You and everyone else can then free to test your lungs with spirometry (World Spirometry Day 2 to 3 October 2014).

Svensk Ventilation will also be in place to inform the public about the importance of good ventilation.  Share the book “Shortness of breath and the website “Did you clean the air?