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Lessons learnt from iSERVcmb project!
September 5, 2014

Lessons learnt from iSERVcmb project!

There are virtually no buildings in Europe that fully understand and document their HVAC systems where they are more complicated than a heat source and heat distribution system. The iSERVcmb spreadsheet was developed to overcome this data gap as a mandatory precursor to understanding the monitoring data being collected.

The savings achieved from this approach the sample set are far higher than expected. This appears to be due to the approach allowing clarity in the energy use of the building as a whole. This provides the energy manager or operator with confidence to achieve savings beyond just those associated with the HVAC systems.

Very little money needs to be spent to achieve substantial energy and cost savings initially. The energy reductions can therefore be almost self-financing. Many early cost savings achieved to date pay for themselves many times over per year.

The predictions of achieved performance from the iSERVcmb process generally agree with the findings of system condition from concurrent Physical Inspections, meaning it can be used as at least an equivalent legislative approach to meeting the requirements of the EPBD.

Find more info at www.iservcmb.info