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Personalized ventilation!
September 15, 2014

Personalized ventilation!

Personalized ventilation (PV) aims to provide clean air to the breathing zone of occupants while sitting (or standing) at their office desk.

The HVAC systems today deliver a uniform room environment. Mixing and displacement ventilation air distribution in room is the most common method to be used in commercial buildings. If the system is not correctly designed it can create for example draught (high air velocity) near the floor or uneven air temperature stratification.

However, people have different preferences, clothing and metabolism, thus personalized ventilation is one of the developments to deliver more fresh personalized clean air directly to the breathing zone of an occupant. Each occupant can control the environment at his/her workplace. The air is delivered unmixed with the surrounding air and in a low velocity as not to create the draught.

The research shows that people´s thermal comfort have improved when using personalized ventilation. People prefer personalized airflow with constant rather than fluctuating velocity. Mix use of displacement ventilation and personalized ventilation shows decrease of concentration of pollution in inhaled air and increase people´s thermal comfort.

Source: Personalized ventilation: State of the art and Performance in practice by Arsen K. Melikov, KlimaForum, 2006

Image: Bjarne Oleson