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Presentation on Demand controlled ventilation: Case study on comfort and energy!
Case studies • Presentation 2014
October 9, 2014

Presentation on Demand controlled ventilation: Case study on comfort and energy!

Download an excellent and interesting presentation on DCV system analyses in a case study building in Southern Sweden by Francesco Errico.

The purpose of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is to keep the best indoor environmental conditions while employing as little energy as possible.

The objectives of this research were to verify the operation of an installed HVAC system and to show the importance of a continuous monitoring of a facility installed in the Southern part of Sweden and to compare the energy saving achievable with different ventilation systems with focus on maintaining and also improving the indoor comfort conditions. The systems taken into account were: a constant air volume (CAV), a variable air volume (VAV) and a demand controlled ventilation (DCV) systems. The findings show the advantages of the choice of an advanced ventilation system.

In addition the real installed production system (ground coupled double effect heat pump), and also an hypothetical scenario common in the building area (district heating and chiller) were considered in order to show the weight that the production systems have in the energy and economical cost in the choice of a DCV instead of a CAV or VAV ventilation systems.

Download presentation here (link). The full master thesis will be available next week for download.