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Our industry has an important part to play in making the most of our time at schools!
December 1, 2014

Our industry has an important part to play in making the most of our time at schools!

30 people representing approximately 10 local authorities from around the South West of Sweden gather in Gothenburg to discuss the problems and solutions with school indoor climate during the Swegon Air Academy and Camfil seminar on “Breathe right and calculate right at school” on November 13th.

Opinions and views were not always in agreement, but everyone agreed that our time at school is limited and our industry has an important part to play in making the most of that time.

The PISA report was called into question; “Are children in Swedish schools performing worse today than before, or is it just that other countries and doing better at improving their results?” Maybe difficult to say, the first PISA report was only published in 2000.

Should the temperature in buildings be set at the lower end of the temperature comfort scale, say 18°C and then increased until most people stop complaining they are cold? (Put on an extra jumper if you’re cold is not a fashionable thing to say!).

Thermal comfort sensation can fool us into thinking we are in a good environment where we can perform well, but actually, we cannot be in the optimal indoor environment for performance without keeping an eye on the air quality.


Follow up;

If you are interested in DCV design check out DCV presentations at and

If you are interested in performance of school children then check out SAA’s YouTube channel and look for Professor David P. Wyon’s presentation there (YouTube video in Swedish language and YouTube video in English language


Diesel particles, becoming a real public enemy time bomb for health.


So how much does all that air we breathe each day actually feel like?

Photos by John Woollett