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December 4, 2014

Did you know about the effect of ventilation on sleep and next-day performance?

“People spend one third of their life sleeping, 12-14 hours/day during infancy and 7-8 hours/day during adulthood. Good sleep is generally considered to be essential for human health and well-being. Many factors are thought to influence sleep quality, among those the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) parameters which include: air temperature and relative humidity, air velocity, particulate matter concentration, illumination level, sound level and ventilation rate.

Bekö et al. (2010) reported that 57% of the bedrooms of Danish children did not fulfil the minimum ventilation requirements stipulated in EN 15251 (2007). Studies by Tynjälä et al. (1999) and Meijer et al. (2000) of children in Finland and Holland respectively showed a strong correlation between sleep quality and the ability to concentrate the next day. Both studies show that good and refreshing sleep is an important determinant of general well-being among adolescents.”

Text from the conference paper “The Effect of CO2 Controlled Bedroom Ventilation on Sleep and Next-day Performance” (link to download the paper here) by Peter Strøm-Tejsen, Pawel Wargocki, David P. Wyon, and Daria Zukowska. International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.