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Focus on thermal comfort and Green Building certification schemes for buildings!
December 17, 2014

Focus on thermal comfort and Green Building certification schemes for buildings!

With two world class speakers to share their experiences with the audience, there was no shortage of knowledge to share with this year’s Swegon Air Academy seminars in Warszawa and Szczecin on the topic of “Comfort in the Rooms Versus the Energy Consumption of a Building – In Search of Consensus “.

Peter Simmonds, shared his experiences from all difference types of outstanding examples of architecture and how he and his group of engineers from L.A. managed to make sure the indoor climate worked with the architects’ visions.

Piotr Bartkiewicz, a popular and pedagogic academic from Warszawa is a well-known personality here in Poland, but even so the audience found this reflections on the different voluntary Green Building standards, both entertaining and informative.

In short, Green Building standard are very much where the market is now, but to future is clearly pointing towards a more ‘Energy Usage Index’ (EUI) for a building where not only is the primary energy used, but a benchmark figure is given for the type of building use and the quality of Indoor Climate.

The full presentations are available via YouTube:

  • Peter Simmond: “High Performance Buildings and Occupants Comfort” and video on YouTube (link here) in English and Polish
  • Piotr Bartkiewicz: “Kreowanie komfortu przy racjonalnym zużyciu energii w świetle certyfikacji LEED i BREEAM” and video on YouTube (link here) in Polish

Presentations can be also downloaded here Piotr Bartkiewicz and Peter Simmonds.