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Solar architecture versus ventilation system and comfort!
February 5, 2015

Solar architecture versus ventilation system and comfort!

Swegon Air Academy seminar in Estonia on topic of “Architectural and Technical Cooperation in Well-performing Buildings” was totally a successful event. Our three lecturers painted a wonderful picture on how important is to focus on designing of building´s envelope in respect of the performance of ventilation system and indoor thermal comfort.

Brian Edwards from UK gave excellent overview of projects he worked on, mostly Green Buildings located in various parts of world. He listed the daylight versus ventilation points, and its effect on indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and continued with identifying the critical relationships and sub-questions in workplaces and educational areas. He showed very interesting case study buildings and every one of them had something to showcase about importance of relationship between building’s glazing and comfort.

Georg Reinberg from Austria explained the importance of building materials, urban design, energy productive houses, solar architecture in renovation and plus energy architecture. Georg presented his insights on energy concepts of solar active houses, passive house renovation and plus energy houses.

Hendrik Voll from Estonia presented like a typical professor and engage the audience with many questions about how to logically think about solar radiation and orientation of your house. Experience from some of his case study buildings showed for example if you have a fully glazed building and use curtains, they usually remain closed during the day after you close them in the morning. Another example was a glazed building with pool area which no one could go to between noon and afternoon as they would get burned by the sun rays reflected from the fully glazed building façade.

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