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Cost versus energy in traditional chilled beams systems!
February 23, 2015

Cost versus energy in traditional chilled beams systems!

Most cost effective use of chilled beam system design decouples latent cooling from the room unit, providing latent cooling centrally at the AHU coil. (Rumsey & Weale, 2006)

  • 25% savings from centralized latent cooling
  • 46% savings from total cooling energy generation.
  • Greater chiller efficiency
  • More available hours of free-cooling, water-side economizer.  (Rumsey, Bulger, Wenisch, & Disney, 2009)


Rumsey, P., & Weale, J. (2006, 1). Chilled Beams in Labs. ASHRAE Journal, 49, 7.
Rumsey, P., Bulger, N., Wenisch, J., & Disney, T. (2009). Chilled Beams in Laboratories: Key strategies to ensure effective design, construction, and operation. Washington: Laboratories for the 21st Century, U.S. EPA, Office of Administration and Resources Management.