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Get a passport for your building!
March 19, 2015

Get a passport for your building!

The Finns have come up with an idea of a passport for the buildings where the measured key indicators are presented, for either pre-design phase or occupancy phase. This building passport seems to be more detailed version of the energy performance certificate because it includes the indoor environmental factors.

“The Passport is an accessible, visual tool that presents the key indicators in environmental efficiency, along with images and the basic facts of the property. This convenient information package can be used to support decision-making in sustainable development projects.”

The building key indicators measure the environmental and energy efficiency of buildings, their life-cycle costs and also occupancy well-being.

Measured Energy Consumption indicators measures the consumption of purchased energy in a property. Different forms of energy use are not weighed by coefficients.

Operational Carbon Footprint indicators use true measured values and evaluate the user´s activity in a building (measuring and managing emissions caused by the user).

Baseload Demand indicators describe the building’s energy demand when it is not producing services for its occupants.

User Satisfaction indicators:

  • Thermal comfort, cooling season (summer)
  • Thermal comfort, heating season (winter)
  • Indoor air quality (odors, stuffiness/staleness)
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics (noise, acoustic privacy)

There are over 250 different indicators and classifications systems in the world measuring environmental impact of the buildings. The biggest problem is that there are not comparable / compatible to each other due to the differences in national legislations and different measuring methods.

Find more information at http://figbc.fi/en/building-performance-indicators/