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Energy optimization without affecting comfort!
March 31, 2015

Energy optimization without affecting comfort!

Adriaan Woonink has defended has bachelor thesis on Energy optimization without affecting comfort.  Here you can find the abstract of his presentation and also download the presentation.

Optimizing the indoor climate of a newly build office building in Kvänum, can save up to 16% annually of the energy use whilst still providing the best possible indoor climate. This is achieved by using the multi-functional unit to provide the building with hot and cold water and fresh air, optimizing the temperature and air flow set points in the building management system, and installing demand controlled lighting in the conference rooms. This has all been investigated with dynamic energy simulations, so the results can be calculated as accurately as possible. With the recommendations in this thesis the indoor climate can be optimized and almost 22,000 SEK can be saved annually, whilst still providing the best possible indoor climate. Several energy production methods are compared to give an overview of annual costs.

Download Adriaan´s presentation (link here).