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CIBSE guidence on acceptable CO2 levels!
June 2, 2015

CIBSE guidence on acceptable CO2 levels!

The levels of CO2 can tell us how good is the indoor air quality. CIBSE (www.cibse.org) has set some guidance levels for acceptable CO2 levels.

  • Fresh: 600 ppm
  • A little close: 800 ppm (equivalent to around 10 l/s per person ventilation rate)
  • Close: 1,00 ppm (equivalent to around 8 l/s per person ventilation rate and the standard target ventilation)
  • Very close: 1,200 ppm
  • Very bad: 1,300 ppm

Source www.cibse.org

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  1. Mark Murphy says:

    It is nice to see the levels, but the reference should point to a document that one can refer to…