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Swegon Air Academy seminars in Germany were all about ventilation technologies!
June 18, 2015

Swegon Air Academy seminars in Germany were all about ventilation technologies!

These years´ Swegon Air Academy seminars conducted in April/May in Germany were all about “Use of heat potential in building with different techniques in the context of current regulations”. Seminars were held in München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Berlin and Hamburg. And in total they were visited by almost 400 participants.

Our lecturer Manfred Stahl gave wonderful introduction to recent trends in central air handling and air conditioning systems. And Rolf Riggenbach talked about energy saving in combination of ventilation units and water chillers. After that Manfred gave a brief overview of current trends in heat pump technology and André Schulz contributed with his knowledge on intelligent energy load management in hydraulic systems using the example of a production plant.

Second part was all about Manfred speaking about nowadays trends in climate control with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems and Sascha Pohl complimented with his presentation on potential of VRF systems for cooling and heating with efficient air and water systems. Last presentation by Manfred was about recent trends in data center cooling and followed by Oliver Rosteck´s presentation on energy-efficient cooling solutions for data centers and industrial applications.

You can download the presentations in German: