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Webinar #3 received AIA accredition!
June 25, 2015

Webinar #3 received AIA accredition!

Increasing awareness about subjects such as energy issues, healthy indoor environments and ventilation knowledge is very important and therefore Swegon Air Academy webinar #3 on “Performance research on sleep, hunger and driver vigilance” with David P. Wyon was AIA-approved for architects.

The course number for Swegon Air Academy webinar #3 is SAA1004 and the earning unit is 1.0. After watching the webinar #3, the architects have to take a quiz and fill out the form below the webinar to receive the points. Link to the webinar (link here).

Webinar 3 – Learning Objectives

In this webinar #3, you will…

  • Study the IAQ effects on sleep and next-day performance
  • Understand how nutritional values at breakfast and lunch affect performance
  • Understand how temperature and indoor air quality in vehicle compartments affect driver vigilance
  • Examine the value of environmental quality, comfort and indoor climate

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