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Demand controlled ventilation and active & passive beams application in Latvia!
June 26, 2015

Demand controlled ventilation and active & passive beams application in Latvia!

In May 2015, Swegon Air Academy has organized another succesful seminar on topic of  Effective ventilation systems – practical examples of calculation methods and experience” with and myself as lecturers. The seminar was attended by 44 engineers and designers, and it took place in a beautiful city of Riga which have amazing historical buildings and also ever-growing new buildings.

Carlos as a very knowledgable and experienced engineer from Portugal presented extensive presentation about understanding how a chilled beam system functions, including understanding of the advantages of the application of chilled beam systems. He focused on design considerations when determining whether a project is a good chilled beam candidate and how to control chilled beam systems. The main points were also condensation risks and control strategies to prevent condensation and how beam systems can reduce building energy consumption, maintenance and replacement costs.

My presentation was all about demand controlled system, a case study of an office-retail building in Sweden with current constant air volume system and monitoring system for energy and indoor climate. The focus was on evaluation of indoor air quality in a building with a current system and furthermore on modeling of current CAV and comparing it to simulation models of variable volume system (VAV) and demand controlled ventilation system (DCV). The results were focused on achieving a good indoor air climate with the good energy savings.

Download the presentations here:

  • Carlos Lisboa “The design of Chilled Beam Systems and the new ASHRAE/REHVA Design Guide” (link here)
  • Petra Vladykova “Demand controlled ventilation – building case study on comfort and energy” (link here)