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Peter Simmonds: “Mary controls for occupancy/light and occupancy/HVAC”!
July 7, 2015

Peter Simmonds: “Mary controls for occupancy/light and occupancy/HVAC”!

Peter Simmonds is an excellent lecturer and here are some important points from his presentation from Poland in May, 2015.

During his lecture Peter showed examples of his extensive projects portfolio from over the world, with examples of buildings´ design from Poland, New York and California. Living skin building in Copper Union research building with laboratories and offices (50% of perforated metal skin) is a nice example of building façade which can control the daylight and solar radiation with closing and openings in façade.

Another example was a college building with floor to ceiling glass facade, although normally it is recommended to use 40% (rule of thumb). And in this building the architect needed lots of help from engineers. There were some curious issues with dust and snakes sneaking in in the lower part of the window which can be opened. Peter´s idea on how do we control the mechanical ventilation systems was the openable windows with window switch which would demobilized the ventilation system. He suggests: “Marry controls for occupancy/light and occupancy/HVAC.”

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