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Peter Simmonds: Use spreadsheets for load calculations for transparency!
July 10, 2015

Peter Simmonds: Use spreadsheets for load calculations for transparency!

In his lecture in May in Poland Peter Simmonds talked about the early design of a building, glazing analysis and load calculation to ensure code compliance. Peter uses spreadsheets for calculations because of the visibility and clarity of results. Peter said: “Many young people use software, but they only produce results, but they don’t see behind it.”

At the preliminary stage the load calculations needs to be done with airflow rates for conventional building systems (VAV, etc.) and components such as beams, etc. Temperatures in glazed façade determines the major conditions for HVAC systems. Spreadsheets with load calculation and solar transmission for façade performance need to compare to the local building code. In USA there are national fenestration associations which register more than 4,300 types of windows and glazing to select for calculation and installation in actual building.

Peter uses typical floor calculation for a building with multiple floors (tall buildings) and he calculates how much energy it needs to maintain the operating of these floors in respect to HVAC system. One of the solutions recommended by Peter is the combination of VAV system and high performance façade and furthermore equipped with active beams in summer, and in winter more energy with heating the air. He often uses also variable speed fan coil (VAV+). Most of the savings come from saving the fan power, expressed in energy savings and CO2 emissions.

An example of tall building with multi-skin façade is in Beijing with an elliptical shape building where single monolithic glass on outside with double glass façade on inside. There are openings of the façade at the bottom and top of the facade. Fire marshal requested to put the opening at each floor – bottom and top of a floor.

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