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All about Swegon Air Academy: history, our role, look, website and team!
July 28, 2015

All about Swegon Air Academy: history, our role, look, website and team!

Swegon Air Academy history

When, what and why.

In the beginning…

In December 2004, the two Swedish ventilation companies Stifab Farex and PM Luft merged and became Swegon. To make this new company, and its new name, known on a highly competitive market with numerous other players, it was decided to do something really different to establish its presence. In 2005, Swegon Air Academy (SAA) was formed as a platform for sharing the knowledge.

What is our role and why are we neutral?

Swegon Air Academy is one of the very few players among the market’s commercial and non-commercial organizations whose role is not to generate money or provide product training, but to share knowledge on a wide scale. It is the policy of Swegon Air Academy to disseminate information using neutral channels, without advertising or marketing any Swegon products, solutions or systems. By remaining neutral, we ensure that attention is fully focused on effective knowledge exchange and the seriousness of the issues involved.

Swegon Air Academy contributes to increased awareness about subjects such as energy issues, healthy indoor environments and ventilation knowledge. In collaboration with leading experts in the field, even complex problems are explained in an intelligible way, making them understandable to people who really need to know more. It is our profound belief that poorly functioning systems can be significantly improved and thus provide healthier indoor climates at reasonable costs – if the whys and wherefores can be explained. If we can achieve this, then we can then design and build systems which are economically viable and controlled, regulated and monitored to ensure maximum flexibility.

New look

The new Swegon Air Academy profile was created to reflect the seriousness of the issue concerning indoor air quality, energy use and environmental problems. The use of black and white represents the importance that Swegon Air Academy places on issues and problems in ventilation. It is essential to remember that people spend 90% of their lives indoors, and major attention must be paid to the quality of our living conditions.


Since 2007 until today Swegon Air Academy website (www.swegonairacademy.com) has undergone a major development and it is constantly evolving.

On our main HOME page we publish short daily news about interesting issues, our seminars, and quick links to about us, upcoming seminars, bookstore, selected videos, interesting quotes about ventilation and quick view of our lecturers (link here). A separate page for all NEWS are also viewed chronologically listed and can be sorted based on main tagwords (link here). We also have a dedicated page to our SEMINARS and webinars where all upcoming and past seminars can be found including interactive map with locations of our seminars (link here). VIDEOS page contains our recordings of our excellent webinars with David P. Wyon and others, recordings of several our seminars and research performed by our bachelor and master students (link here). Our extensive database of our LECTURERS contains lecturers’ profiles and their presentations including recordings (link here).

In our BOOKSTORE anyone can not only find all information about Swegon Air Academy books but you can also purchase our books in paper or electronic formats, and also other interesting books are available for purchase (link here). DOWNLOADS page has several hundreds of lecturers´ presentations, technical articles, our presentations from conferences and information about our books including press information about Swegon Air Academy (link here). Interesting CASE STUDIES is a collection of information and articles about the most interesting reference buildings with focus on ventilation systems, indoor environmental quality and other investigations in these amazing buildings (link here).

Apart from subscription to “Follow Us” (link here) with daily news or weekly digest to reader´s mailbox, Swegon Air Academy is also active in social media. You can follow us via different social media channels such as LinkedIn (link here to Swegon Air Academy group), Twitter (@SwegonAirAcadem), and RSS feed for news and seminars. We also have our own YouTube channel (link here) and Google+ channel (link here).

Swegon Air Academy Team

The first manager was Conny Nilsson from 2005 until in 2011 John Woollett took over and in 2015 it was Petra (Vladykova) Bednarova who was appointed as a manager of Swegon Air Academy. There were and are many other faces behind Swegon Air Academy, such as Satu Palmgren and Henrik Paulsson, and many more in past. Read more about current and former Swegon Air Academy Team (link here).