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Ventilation history: technology!
July 29, 2015

Ventilation history: technology!

The ventilation has gradually evolved as our buildings, businesses and cities have changed. Early on ventilation was associated with health, but for a long time, ventilation and heat was provided by one and the same technical solution, so there is no clear date on when the first pure ventilation system was invented or brought into service.

In the Middle Ages air was adopted as one of the four elements along with fire, earth and water that the world was made up of. Breathing purpose is to chill the heart that was filled with the fire element, and it was generally known that stationary air contained spoils mysterious gases caused diseases and even death, which was given by the clear evidence of the medieval times when the mines were deeper and deeper. The economic drivers in the mining operation eventually led to a number of technologically advanced ventilation solutions for mines developed in the mid 1500’s, with for example fire as the driving force, but also hand-operated fans, etc. Solution which came to be adapted and used in buildings for long time to come.