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Design of a ventilation system for a typehouse in Greenland!
August 6, 2015

Design of a ventilation system for a typehouse in Greenland!

Typehouse 18D is one of the most common double family houses build in Greenland. These houses are in serious need of renovation, i.e. extra insulation with airtight layer, changing windows and also installing ventilation system. Read an interesting report “Design of a ventilation system for a renovated wooden house type in Greenland” by students from DTU about how to theoretically install the system and what else is needed.

The abstract of the work.

Within the scope of a renovation project an energy efficient ventilation system for the Greenlandic wooden house type 18D is designed and analysed. The renovation includes extra thermal insulation and a vapour barrier to reduce heat losses and infiltration losses. In this way the energy consumption of the house shall be lowered. Besides the mechanical ventilation needs to be implemented to ensure a satisfying indoor climate. The influence of the renovation process on the energy demand is simulated by means of the ISEve software. The simulations showed that realising just the thermal insulation without considering a ventilation system decreases the energy consumption up to 40 %. However, coincidently the indoor air quality deteriorates strongly and high CO2 concentrations occur. Applying afterwards a ventilation system to the simulation model, leads to rising energy consumption in turn. Hence, realising a renovation project, including also a ventilation system based on the Greenlandic Building Regulation, results in energy saving of up to 15 %. These saving can be enhanced easily by more than 10 % if ventilation rates from other Nordic building regulations (for example Sweden and Norway) are used. In this way it should be possible to achieve the Greenlandic energy target of 200 kWh/m²A (Zone 2).

Download the report here (link here).

Image from www.ini.gl.