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Installation and performance of a small heat recovery unit in a Greenlandic house!
August 14, 2015

Installation and performance of a small heat recovery unit in a Greenlandic house!

Payback time of 14 years for a mechanical ventilation system in a small house in Greenland might sound too long. But don´t forget that it is not only about money but also about the health – yours and your family. The harsh conditions in Greenland are outdoors but also indoors, especially when dealing with mould problems in the houses, insufficient insulation and poor thermal comfort as the cold air just blows almost through the houses. And even when you seal all inlets, still the comfort indoors is not really good, as CO2 rises and temperature control is limited.

Read an interesting report of a practioner and researcher Martin Kotol about how he installed a small ventilation unit in a Greenladic house and what he found out after four months of monitoring.

Abstract of the report

Winters in the Arctic are very cold and long. When the temperatures are so low, the occupants of Arctic dwellings stop opening windows to avoid cold draught. Any natural vents get typically sealed for the same reason. This, together with the lack of mechanical ventilation results in insufficient air change in majority of the dwellings. Consequently the indoor air quality (IAQ) becomes rather poor which has a negative effect on the occupants’ health and may also damage the construction due to mold growth. In this project a state of the art ventilation unit was installed in an old house to study its performance and any changes of the IAQ. The measurements have shown that the IAQ had improved significantly. Also the occupants have reported significant increase in their comfort. The initial costs of the installation would pay off in approximately 14 years thanks to the heat recovery. All in all the installation of the mechanical ventilation had proved to be an efficient yet economical solution to an actual indoor air quality problem in Greenland.

dl Indoor Air Quality Renovation_Report_VHS (download here).

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