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Whole building approach in high performing European cultural buildings – Danish Royal Opera House!
August 25, 2015

Whole building approach in high performing European cultural buildings – Danish Royal Opera House!

In the Royal Danish Opera House, focus has been on heat pumps, seawater cooling, thermo-active slabs and the use of environmental concrete. This building has an impressive reduction in cooling consumption and CO2 emission by 71%, compared to an expected value of 75%. The reduction in heating consumption is 42%, and 67% of the related CO2 emission. This large drop is partially helped by lower emission related to the distributed district heating.

Among the new technologies, especially the combination of thermo-active slabs and heat pumps for heating and cooling using seawater as the reservoir has been adopted in new building projects. Variations of this concept using groundwater or LTES have also been designed in more recent projects. Finally, even with the impressive results that have already been reached, there is still a potential for improvement. This improvement will be facilitated by the large amount of metering equipment.

The use of the “whole building approach” (or integrated design of buildings) has shown that it is possible to design high-profile buildings with interesting architecture and strict user demands which at the same time has low energy consumption. It has also been shown that by using the “whole building approach”, the goals have been met for all three buildings – or that they can be met based on changes in the operation.

Download the report on “ECO-Culture – Demonstration and dissemination of ECO-concepts for high performing European cultural buildings” (link here) to get more detailed information about the performance of Danish Royal Opera House, one of Swegon Air Academy Case Studies.

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