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Swegon Air Academy Case Studies!
August 31, 2015

Swegon Air Academy Case Studies!

On Swegon Air Academy website you can find numerous interesting building case studies. Case studies are a collection of information and articles about the most interesting and amazing reference buildings with focus on ventilation systems, evaluations of indoor environmental quality, investigations of monitoring systems and more (link here to all Swegon Air Academy Case Studies).

Read about some of our case studies:

The Royal Danish Opera House in Copenhagen! Read an interesting report on how the Opera House is performing and download an interesting presentation from Hans Kragh from Ramboll how the Opera was designed and built.

Högåsskolan in Knivsta in Sweden! Read about passive house school in Sweden and check out how the reports on air tightness and thermography should look like.

Single and double family houses in Greenland!  This case study lists a set of documents about what is the situation in these houses (including indoor climate and energy renovation), proposal how to “wrap up” the buildings in extra layer of insulation including super air tight layer, design of efficient ventilation system in a limited space and extensive monitoring system.