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Some of UK´s first passive house schools from timber!
September 9, 2015

Some of UK´s first passive house schools from timber!

Passive house is always a good choice for a construction especially for schools. Here is an interesting presentation by Jonathan Hines about UK´s first passive house schools from timber structure (link to the presentation). Few examples of passive house schools built from timber structure, images from building of houses, design philosophy, ventilation system and more can be found in presentation. But what I like the most is that a building must serve people and must provide nice comfort. And that is the case here!

 “We feel that our children are more alert and attentive in lessons due to the amount of daylight in classrooms and the fresh air throughout the school. The fact that the new school is built to passive house standards means that learning has been enhanced; our pupils love coming to school and enjoy their impressive surroundings. They are comfortable, secure and stimulated by their new environment; hence they learn very well!”

Sara Morris: Head Teacher, Oak Meadow Primary School