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Playlist on YouTube for Swegon Air Academy case studies!
September 24, 2015

Playlist on YouTube for Swegon Air Academy case studies!

Swegon Air Academy YouTube channel has a new playlist “Swegon Air Academy case studies” (link here) where you can watch interesting videos about our case studies.

First video added is about GPP Business Park in Katowice in Poland, that is a building awarded with the BREEAM outstanding certification. Watch the video about how the building looks like and how the building services including ventilation system are delivering the best indoor climate possible. The video was provided by GPP Katovice and it has subtitles in Polish. Link to the video on “Energooszczędny budynek Goeppert Mayer” (link here).

On our website you can also find other interesting information about GPP Business Park in Katowice (link here). And find more information on another building Swegon Air Academy case studies on our website (link here).

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