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Video about Bengt Dahlgren building: performance of certified Green building!
September 28, 2015

Video about Bengt Dahlgren building: performance of certified Green building!

New video (link to video) on Bengt Dahlgren – a case study of the design and performance of a Green office building in Sweden by Max Tillberg. This certified Green building is one of several Swegon Air Academy case studies and you can find more information about this building here (link to Bengt Dahlgren in Gothenburg).

The office building in Gothenburg, Sweden was finished in 2009 and has an area of 4,113 m². The building was designed and built to be energy efficient, cost efficient and low maintenance. The building has five storeys plus one technical floor, and consists mostly of office space, but also contains conference rooms, an apartment and a cafeteria. The building is a steel and concrete construction with sufficient insulation to ensure very good thermal properties and the facade is to 60% of glass (U-value = 0.85W/(m².K)). The building was awarded a Green building certificate in 2008. The designed energy demand was calculated to be no more than 75 kWh/(m².a) and the real consumption has been found to be between 75-79 kWh/(m².a) in five years of operation. The design target for indoor climate was category B (ISO 7730) with 90% of occupants satisfied. Cooling and heating are re achieved with with air and water system (using A district heating source). The demand controlled ventilation system uses many sensors to control the indoor climate: temperature, CO2 in conference rooms and VOC on each floor.