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EPBD review: Open nZEB issues and problems in national applications!
November 2, 2015

EPBD review: Open nZEB issues and problems in national applications!

Within the EU 5 climate zones have been recognized to assist in selecting the most appropriate approaches towards nZEB. Unfortunately not all EU states have primary energy as their base line, therefore comparisons of different solutions will be more problematic. The general trend though is that states are making progress, if slowly, towards nZEB standards and framework.

Areas which still need to be worked on are; the coordination between EPBD and nZEB and how to deal with house appliances and lighting within the nZEB goal, should they be included?

Primary energy factors will be included. The following are likely to be used, electricity 2.0, district heating 0.9, renewables 0.75.

In contract to the EU, the US has gone towards a REC-NZEB concept where REC is Renewable Energy Certificate, where these certificate can be bought to bring your building towards nZEB, interesting approach.

The estimated cost of building an nZEB building is 220 EUR/m2, question is which country is this closest to and why?

Summary of the presentation by Jarek Kurnitski, REHVA Vice-President from “EPBD: where are we now & what to improve with the review?” on October 6th in Brussels by John Woollett.