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BROADCAST WILL START AT 13:00: Page for broadcast of webinars #4-7!
November 10, 2015

BROADCAST WILL START AT 13:00: Page for broadcast of webinars #4-7!

This is the webpage from where you can watch webinars #4-7 on Wednesday, November 11th in English at 13:00 – 17:30. , , and will present on “Data centers 2.0 – Trends, needs and alternative technologies for cooling the next-generation of data centers”! Download more information here (link).

Broadcast will start at 13:00.

Each webinar will take approximately 50 minutes. Don´t forget that you will be able to write the questions to lecturers during the presentations. Click on the image below and in a new window fill in your email and state your question.

Real Estate Concept


If this video does not play, you can go directly to the broadcast page at

All registered people will receive the email with links to the presentations in PDF and later to the recordings of the webinars. Register here (link).